Singer Automatic Zigzagger!

Awhile back I was at a thrift store in my neighborhood with one of my sisters and her keen eye spotted something I’d been trying to track down for about a year – a Singer Automatic Zigzigger!

I started looking for one of these beauties last year before I got my Singer 403A. It was so wonderful to finally find one! This model is for a slant needle sewing machine, which my Singer 403A Slant-O-Matic actually is! Now, my Slant-O-Matic comes with it’s own cam system for doing the same kinds of stitches the Singer Automatic Zigzagger does, but it could still be fun to see if I can make this work on it! Though, the Automatic Zigzagger is for class 301 machines, which is a previous generation, so chances are, it won’t work on the 403A…Oh well, knowing me, I’m sure I’ll get another slant needle machine eventually! I can very rarely resist sewing machine attachments when I come across them in the wild, especially since I never know what kind of vintage sewing machine will end up in my home…

These remind me of the cams for my 403A! You can do a blind hem, arrow and zigzag stitch with these three, and the one currently attached to the machine makes a domino stitch!

It even still had the instruction booklet!

And a little pamphlet advertising some of the other stitch patterns you could purchase for your Automatic Zigzagger!

Speaking of vintage sewing machine attachments and machines…I did end up sadly parting ways with two of my vintage machines prior to the move – my White model 1099 machine, and my Singer 128-13 (which I’ll admit I stripped for parts). Of my vintage machines I only kept my Singer 403A Slant-O-Matic (of course!), my 99K from 1941 (the only non-functional machine I kept, because I plan on finding the parts and fixing this one up eventually so I can use it), and the Singer 127 vibrating shuttle from 1915 that I turned into an electric machine (which is why I stripped the 128-13 for parts, most if not all, work on this machine). It was sad saying good bye to those two lovely machines, but I’m happy with the ones I kept and my one modern machine.

That said, at the same time, I’m getting that itch to find another vintage machine again…I’ve been able to resist a number of vintage machines I’ve seen out and about in the last eight months or so, but I definitely have a mental list of machines I know I couldn’t resist if I came across them. Now all I have to do is try not to go purposely seeking them out, or I might just magically wind up with another machine!

Instead I should see if I can play with this wonderful Automatic Zigzagger! (The doom that will surely lead to me tracking down a Singer 301! *cough*) They look like SO much fun in the old commercials!

Thank you so much for spotting this awesome little guy, Sarah!! ❤

2 thoughts on “Singer Automatic Zigzagger!

  1. Congrats on finding the slant needle buttonholer! I would have assumed it would also fit a 403. Maybe you’ll find it does work, or will work with a simple adapter. It is so hard to part with old machines. Sounds like you made well-reasoned choices. Coincidentally, I too have a 1941 machine, but mine’s a 127 vibrating shuttle. I love talking old machines!


  2. OMG that’s my favorite era! I’m so excited for you! I’d want one and I can’t even sew, for my 50’s collection, lol. I’m sure you’ll make some beautiful things with it and I loved the old commercial too. 🙂


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